Depression & TMS

At Acuity TMS, we work with each patient individually at our brain health center to provide treatment that works best for their specific needs. Our team is dedicated to creating individualized treatment plans that are based on their specific symptoms, past experiences, and goals. Through our treatment plans, our patients can receive treatments that can significantly improve their brain health but aren’t available at many clinics.

Major depressive disorder (MDD) is a highly prevalent psychiatric disorder with significant morbidity and mortality. Psychotherapy, medications, and their combination are often insufficient to control the symptoms of MDD, resulting in treatment-resistant depression (TRD). This leads to poor functional outcomes in patients, including increased unemployment, suicidal ideation, substance abuse, and unstable relationships. Transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS) has been successful in treating patients with TRD.
Beck's Depression Inventory

Be a part of the 70% - 92% of people who benefit from TMS!

What our Happy Clients are Saying

"I was the victim of repeated domestic violence to the point I felt completely worthless and did not feel I deserved to be happy. I had failed my kids, I had failed my parents, and I had failed to live up to the lowest standards I had for myself. TMS treatment helped me to feel that tomorrow mattered."
" I am an ex professional football player. Before TMS my life felt pointless. This treatment gave me my joy back and allowed my children to again see me as the the daddy they loved."
D. M.
"I am forever grateful to Kevin for what he has help me to accomplish this far with TMS! Mr. Curry is GREAT! He's been nothing but genuine, kind, and understanding. He really help me find peace in the storm with this treatment! I feel like the light is on and I am no longer in the depressive tunnel I was in."
"I can say my life has been filled with blessings. I’ve always tried hard to do me best . Inside I have always felt a volcano of sadness and despair. At times I felt I would implode from the agony. Acuity TMS has helped me to see the light on joy and peace. My inside feels like they match my outside now and I feel like a whole person for the first time since being a child."
"My progress was strange. First I felt more focused and were able to complete tasks longer than I use to. Then I started sleeping better. Next I did not get stuck in problems and negative thinking like I used to. Then my senses came alive. I smelling and heard things better. Lastly, I was blessed with peace and joy and my dreaded friend was not there anymore. Thanks be to God."
"I want to think the wonderful staff at Acuity TMS of Plano. They cared for me at my worst and always made me feel special. I was very skeptical for a long whole doubting everything. As I entered my final 10 sessions a light flashed and I begin to feel like a new person. I can not explain my surprise. the only tears I cry now of happiness and appreciation for the gift I have received."
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